Why Take Part?

The UK has one of the lowest rates of breastfeeding in the world so it is not surprising that breastfeeding beyond infancy isn't something we are used to seeing all the time. Although it is something that could and should be seen as absolutely normal!  Awareness and knowledge of the biological norm is severely lacking which is why it is so important to help normalise natural term breastfeeding.

I feel it is important to honour and celebrate our journeys truthfully. By sharing our stories through words and images we empower ourselves and others. To know you are not alone and a part of a larger community is incredibly empowering & healing. 

  • I wanted to be apart of this project because I feel it is so important to normalise natural term breastfeeding and to hopefully remove the stigma that comes with it. It is one of the most normal, natural and beautiful things and mums should not feel judged or shamed for choosing to do what is best for her family.

    Keeley Woodward
  •  I feel it's important to raise awareness of natural term breastfeeding because that's what's best for the children and their mommy and sadly in our modern society, western world, it's seen as something wrong by most people when really it should be the norm, as Nature intended. 

  •  I want to be part of the project to help normalise natural term feeding. It feels crazy that we have such a stigma in our society to feed children milk that was made for them and their development. I still feel awkward feeding my little one in public as I feel I am going against the grain and am being judged, so i feel it is so important to raise awareness of natural term breastfeeding so others don't feel like this and it becomes a totally accepted thing to do.

    Emma Lovell
  • I think mum's often feel pressured to stop feeding before themselves and their child are ready because there isn't enough support for natural term breastfeeding. Mums are often judged negatively by society for feeding older babies. I hope to raise awareness and encourage other mothers to feed until natural term because I believe it's what is best for both the mother and the child.

    Chloe Cornner
  • It's so important for people to see older nurslings. Something so biologically normal shouldn't be as stigmatised as it is and the more people see it, hopefully the more will feel empowered to follow their instincts, fight for support and not feel pressured to end their journeys before they're ready.

    Chloe Cave