Elisa & Elfia (3 years & 3 months)~ Dorset Motherhood Photographer

Very recently I had the honour of connecting with artist & maker Elisa & her 3 year old daughter Elfia for my MILK book project. She is the incredibly inspiring woman behind La Madre Silver who's work I had already been following for quite some time over on Instagram.

I asked her the question, "What advice do you have for others who want to breastfeed until natural term?"

"Find the right support, the right people to be around, realise if someone has a negative opinion of your breastfeeding its for them to deal with not you, ask for help, nourish yourself, rest, put in boundaries with feeding if needed, and most importantly and something I’ve forgotten many times, you are literally the cup that the milk is being poured from. Your emotional and physical wellbeing are the MOST important thing to enable you to look after your baby."

If you have a nursling that is 4+ and would like to be a part of this project please send me an email at ann@annowenfoto.com with the age of your nursling, your location and your Instagram