Beth & Jack (4 years) ~ New Forest Photographer


Throughout the four years of Jack’s life, breastfeeding has meant different things to us at different times. As a tiny baby it felt like all I ever did some days was breastfeed him. It wasn’t always easy, but it was the first thing we learnt to do together and the starting point of the bond we have now. As he grew to be an older baby, he was so curious about the world that he would often forget to ask to feed, or decline when offered, because he was too interested in everything else that was happening. But when the world was quiet, it was still very much what he needed and I cherish those times we had snuggled in the dark together. As he grew older still and started walking and talking, it became something he required less and less from a nutritional point of view, but still very much needed it from an emotional perspective. These days, “Mama milk” is still what he wants when he is frightened, overwhelmed, tired, sad or needing love and connection. It brings comfort when nothing else does. I have come to the realisation that these are the needs it has fulfilled since day one (as well as nutritional) and, because of that, he is the only one who can make a decision about when these needs can be fully met in other ways.