Adeola & Ayla (4 years)~ New Forest Photographer


"I have been breastfeeding for the better part of 14 years. It has been a long and ever changing journey, from a young first time mother who was convinced by the people around her that formula was necessary, to a feeding on demand mother of four.

There have been times when I have resented it. I've started my day bleary eyed from lack of sleep, my back aching from spending the night non-stop feeding a teething toddler while the rest of my body just wants to roll over and go to sleep. But then there is the ease it has brought to my life... the easiest flights, the deep connection as our eyes meet and lock together over the breast and she knows that I will always be here. The cure-all for every ache, pain or minor injury, the instant reassurance that is sometimes needed in new places or with new people.

Then there is the undeniable awe and gratitude that my body has been able to do this. The knowledge that not everyone who makes this choice has my story. I will feed her as long as both want to and everyday I will be given sweet moments of pause, as she cuddles up and we connect in a way that is just for us."